2016 IEEE Symposium on Intelligence for Embedded and Cyberphysical Systems (IntECS'16)

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in designing embedded and cyber-physical systems featuring intelligent skills. Beside addressing the specific tasks they have been designed for, these systems are expected, for example, to autonomously make decisions/activate reactions, perfom self-diagnosis, and learn from and interact with the operating environment.

IntECS'16  addresses novel and emerging computational intelligence and machine learning solutions to provide such an intelligent behavior to embedded and cyberphisical systems. IntECS'16   aspires at providing a forum for researchers who are actively working on intelligent embdedded and cyberphisical systems and, more in general, on computational intelligent solutions for real world applications.

The symposium follows its successful editions in 2014, 2015 and will be held within the IEEE Symposium Series in Computational Intelligence (Athens, Greece, December, 6 to 9 2016)

Papers must present original work or review the state-of-the-art in the following non-exhaustive list of topics:
  • Intelligent devices and solutions for the Internet of things;
  • Intelligent Sensor Networks;
  • Intelligent Measurement Systems;
  • Computational Intelligence Techniques for approximate computation in embedded systems;
  • Intelligent diagnosis systems (solutions for fault detection/isolation/identification);
  • Low level adaptive solutions to operate in evolving/changing environments;
  • Intelligent sensors and robotics;
  • Computational intelligence methodologies and techniques for adaptive measurements or processing systems;
  • Intelligent systems for embedded applications;

Keywords: Embedded systems, fault diagnosis systems, intelligent applications, intelligent sensors, intelligent sensor networks, Computational Intelligence Internet of Things

Download the Call for Papers in pdf format